A Complete Guide on Snake's Sex Mating Habits

Colorado Springs snake

Snakes have unique biology and body form. Nonetheless, most aspects related to their reproduction are similar to a lizard. They have an internal reproductive organ, but their system is still the same as other vertebrates. These reptiles can either produce eggs or give birth to live young, just like mammals. This article will shed light on some of the baffling topics related to the snake's mating habits.

When Do Snakes Reach Sexual Maturity?
The snake's sexual maturity will depend upon various factors, such as their age, nutrition, size, and health. Usually, a well-nourished snake will reach this stage when they are 2-3 years old. However, there are still some exceptions to this rule; the Burmese Python may take 4-5 years before reaching their sexual maturity. Black Rat Snakes will need at least seven years before they will be ready to give birth to their offspring. There are even some cases when the female will need to wait until ten years.

When Are the Breeding Season of the Snakes?
Snakes will commonly have a particular breeding season influenced by different environmental factors like rainfall, food availability, temperature, and sunlight. Carrying their offspring and giving birth will be physically demanding; only the female with enough energy and good health will be ready to reproduce. The snakes that live in the cold region will start their mating as soon as they emerge from their state of hibernation. For snakes that live in tropical areas, they may continue to reproduce throughout the year.

What Are the Snake's Mating Rituals?
When the mating season comes, the male snakes will act more aggressive when searching for mates. They will be very competitive and will fight with one another to show their dominance and physical strength. The female will then choose the champion, and it will only take a couple of minutes for her to decide the winner. There are also times when it will take several days before she reaches a decision.

· Searching for Potential Mate- Male snakes will be ready to travel a long distance when searching for a potential partner. Others that live in a place that is densely populated by a snake will not have to travel far but should be prepared for the competition.
· The Fight- The males will engage in some altercations to impress the female snakes. The males will interweave their bodies and act like they are pushing the bodies of one another. There are instances when the fight can get more aggressive and will lead to biting.
· Courtship- This stage will be brief; the male will track the female's location by capturing the small particles in the air with their lungs and using their vomeronasal system. The males will then search for the cloaca of the female and will try to align their bodies.

Once the snake could achieve cloacal juxtaposition, the male will then insert his hemipenes into the cloaca. Mating will typically take several hours. Ovulation will then take place after a couple of weeks. The incubation period, on the other hand, will take 2-3 months. Go back to the home page: Snakes of Colorado Springs